Shaking Up Professional Development for HR Leaders

Over the years the remit of HR has changed drastically, and to the advantage of many organisations the HR function is now an essential component of building a coherent long-term vision, and driving business change. However, while the role of HR leaders has changed significantly, the training being offered at this level has not. Little focus is placed on the strategic capabilities of HR leaders, despite this being such a critical aspect of their role.

We have witnessed this first-hand during the many transformation programmes we’ve supported, and see a huge gap in the skills of many senior leaders, through no fault of their own. Our HR Business Skills offering is designed to support you in up-skilling your team, or yourself,  to develop the critical business skills needed to perform at a strategic level. Importantly, these development programmes are purposely designed to be flexible according to your needs.

We have identified five critical skills areas – Business Partnering, Data Analysis and Analytics, Solution Design, Implementing Change, Leading and Teaming – and developed a series of virtual training sessions to address various topics within these areas. Modules can be easily combined to provide highly targeted development opportunities that fit your unique needs.