Duration: varies depending on number of webinar topics required

This module will provide HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able utilise User Experience design techniques to establish customer pain points and design and prototype solutions to inform changes to people, process and systems required to deliver strategic outcomes.

Below is an overview of each webinar’s objectives. For further information on the content covered in each session, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a more detailed syllabus. 

Each of the following webinars is 60 minutes long and can be booked individually or combined with webinars across other modules to create a bespoke learning package focused on your specific requirements. 

  • State the background and history of User Experience design
  • Explain how User Experience design relates to other approaches to design
  • Describe the benefits of User Experience design to organisations and customers
  • Describe the user experience design process
  • Establish customer pain points, desired gains and problems they need to resolve
  • Conduct customer and market research using a range of tools
  • Collate customer input using insights from interviews, focus groups and surveys
  • Create, sketch, test and refine mock-ups and/or wireframe solutions
  • Design prototype solutions (people, process & systems)
  • Iterate design using customer feedback
  • Prototyping tools, techniques and methods
  • Visualising Techniques to model User Experience
  • Utilise User Experience design insights to design a change programme
  • Explain the critical stages of implementing changes to people, processes & systems
  • Explain the need for structured project and change management
  • Evaluate the performance of the solutions implemented through appropriate metrics
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