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1409, 2023

Power BI Advanced Training: My 5-Year Journey

In today's fast-paced business world, making sense of vast amounts of data can be challenging. That's where data visualisation comes in - a world where numbers don't just sit there but tell compelling stories. I have been using Power BI for around 5 years now and every time I [...]

2006, 2022

Keeping up to Date With Excel – Advanced Statistical Analysis

Excel plays such a huge part in most people’s everyday work and yet most people only use a small fraction of its capabilities.  The trouble is, with Excel 365, they are adding new features and functions each month that is can be hard to keep up with what is [...]

505, 2022

Excel Power Query and Power Pivot

As we all know Excel is a very powerful tool, however sometimes where your data is spread across various spreadsheets and other files trying to summarize it all can be tricky.  You can add various lookups to pull in data but when you have to do this every month [...]

1403, 2022

News! Underscore Welcomes Emma-Jane Haigh to the Team

With some exciting new projects in the pipeline, Underscore is thrilled to welcome Emma-Jane Haigh to the team, bringing over 15 years of leadership and management experience to the table. Emma-Jane will be taking over the role of Head of Leadership Development from Lucy Finney. Lucy will continue to [...]

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