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1807, 2019

What Is Inspirational Leadership?

Inspirational leadership is not a style of leadership per se. An inspirational leader may well adopt various styles of leadership depending on what the situation calls for, without ever sacrificing the inspirational aspect of their approach. It is about using the right methods at the right time, and taking [...]

1607, 2019

Understanding Schedule Risk Analysis: Schedule Integrity

Before you start to perform a schedule risk analysis, it’s first vital to understand Schedule Integrity so that you can adequately assess how ‘good’ your schedule is. If you want to feed your data into a schedule risk tool like Primavera Risk Analysis, for example, you will need to [...]

1507, 2019

Transformation Checklist: Methodology and approach

Why do so many transformation initiatives fail and, more importantly, what can you do to improve your chances of success? This is the fifth in our series of articles that seek to answer these questions. This week we look at which methodology is best suited to managing transformation. Before [...]

807, 2019

Transformation Checklist: Vision, objectives and design principles

Strategic objectives, design principles and dangerous deviations So many aspects of functional transformation are unknown and unknowable when you begin. By their nature these programmes are disruptive, often formed in response to existential threats or urgent opportunities. Timelines can stretch well beyond the annual budgeting cycle and information often [...]

407, 2019

Understanding Schedule Risk Analysis Blog Series

Welcome to our new blog series exploring the principles and practicalities of schedule risk analysis. Over the next few blogs we’ll be looking at key concepts such as Uncertainty Analysis and Three-Point Estimating, Running Schedule Risk Analysis and looking at confidence levels and sensitivity, Integrating Risk Registers into our [...]

307, 2019

Transformation Checklist: Governance and decision making

Destructive forces, burn rates and protecting scope There are three mistakes you can make in defining the governance structure of your functional transformation: Holding too much decision making at the top of the structure Pushing decision making too far down the structure Failing to provide enough clarity, so people [...]

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