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1002, 2021

Managing in the Gig Economy

Growing numbers of organisations are electing to employ individuals on a contract and freelance basis, leading to increasing numbers of individuals stepping away from traditional working methods to meet this need. The pandemic has escalated this trend, and the way people work is evolving rapidly. Many employers are utilising [...]

1211, 2020

How Has Lockdown Affected Learning and Development?

With everything else that has been happening during the pandemic and the lockdowns, the impact on Learning and Development has been interesting.  For some organisations this really has not been a focus and their people have just been muddling through, adapting to the situation as needed, for some it [...]

311, 2020

12 Tips to Get and Stay Motivated When Times Are Tough

What Is Motivation? At the end of October, we launched a new monthly webinar series. Our first topic was Motivation, and we spoke about some of the conditions needed to inspire motivation and what motivation means to people. It was interesting to hear some of the different definitions people [...]

1210, 2020

What We Learned from The Festival of Learning

It’s been almost two weeks since we ran our last Festival of Learning webinar, and we are missing them (and everyone who came along) already. What started out as a simple way for our team to share their knowledge and celebrate the power of learning quickly evolved into a [...]

110, 2020

How to Build and Maintain Digital Trust

Building trust, and specifically digital trust, has been an ongoing challenge for many organisations. In certain companies, employees feel like they are not trusted, as highlighted by the historic reluctance of some organisations to allow employees to work from home. Recent events have forced many organisations to take bold [...]

2909, 2020

Trainer vs. Content – Which is More Important for Learning?

What makes learning effective? Is it the trainer or the content? If the trainer is rubbish but the content is great, can an individual still learn what they need to know? Conversely if the trainer is great and the content is poor, can the trainer still make the learning [...]

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