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312, 2019

How to Make the Most of Your Digital Skills

It would be hard to think of a role that exists today that doesn’t require the use of technology in some form. The evolution of the digital realm has been so rapid that it has become all-consuming in some areas. But the reality of this expansion is that it [...]

2911, 2019

Creative Problem Solving

What do pink poodles, scented pens, blindfolds, bouncy balls and visual cards all have in common? They are all tools that, amongst others, we use within Underscore to help our delegates understand and develop their skills in creativity and innovation. But what are creativity and innovation? To ‘create’ something [...]

2311, 2019

The DNA of SMART Working

Out and about at work and in my workshops, one of the topics that comes up regularly is smart working. Nearly every company large or small is facing this challenge today. Businesses are facing unprecedented costs of overheads and at the same time seeing a proliferation of modern technology [...]

1911, 2019

Top Tips for IT Transformation Projects

Many IT Project Rollouts fail to transition fully to the new system due to poor change management, planning and communication which then often leads to extensive re-training and additional project costs. Below are some key tips on the best practice of managing an IT Project Rollout and its successful [...]

711, 2019

Prioritising and Decision Making – More than Time Management

A few years ago, it seemed like busyness was all the rage and the phrase ‘I’m so busy’ was the thing to say. Having time on your hands to take care of yourself, or enjoy your life, didn’t win any points. Unsurprisingly, we soon discovered that approach wasn’t doing [...]

711, 2019

Skills for Project SUCCESS

If you’re a project manager, project success is probably the one thing you think about day in day out. More specifically, you probably worry about how you can make sure your project(s) gets completed on time, on budget and to a high quality. The common assumption is that project [...]

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