Get flexible project resources to help you achieve your transformation goals. From Transformation Directors and Programme Managers to Subject Matter Experts, System Configuration Consultants, Integration Developers and Business Analysts, our Associates help you achieve measurable outcomes.

Importantly, our approach empowers your internal teams. You need specialist project resources who gel with your culture, who don’t outstay their welcome and who help you establish processes, technology and structures that deliver sustainable results. And that’s what you get when you choose Underscore.

We also appreciate that there may be people on your team who already have the ability to fulfill a critical role, but perhaps needs training in a certain area. In this instance, we won’t push for you to rely on external hires, but will work with you to build the capability you need internally, via our talent development services. To learn more about how we combine external resourcing, with internal development, please view our Integrated Project Resourcing page. 

Our Associates bring a range of skills and experience to help supplement or backfill your team. Roles our Associates would typically fulfil within your project include:

Transformation Director Business Analyst Test Manager
Programme Manager Data Analyst Tester
Project Manager Systems Architect Training Manager
Technical Project Manager Solutions Architect Cut-over / Transition Manager
Change Manager Functional Consultant Country Deployment Manager
Target Operating Model Design Consultant Reporting Consultant Tenant/Environments Management
Finance / HR / Procurement Consultant or Process Owner Integration Developer Support Manager / Analyst