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The Future of Work

In our most recent podcast episodes, we’ve been exploring the future of work and how it’s been influenced by the pandemic. Many of the changes prophesised years back are finally coming into effect because they’ve had to. People are finally being empowered to [...]

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Employee Views on L&D

There are numerous surveys asking businesses about their attitudes towards L&D, their spending habits and if they think it’s worth the investment. But what about the employees’ views? It is certainly important to know whether companies are making the effort to invest in their employees [...]

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Getting the Most From Remote Working

The ability to work remotely is now one of the most desired ‘perks’ of a job, and while there is gradual movement towards a more flexible working environment, it’s still not a commonplace scenario in most businesses. But with Work from Home Week [...]

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The Problem With Annual Reviews

Annual performance reviews have come under fire in recent years; the idea of setting time aside once a year to review an individual’s performance is coming to be viewed as an outdated, time consuming and ineffective way of managing and appraising performance. This stance [...]

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New Year, New Challenges

For many organisations the beginning of a new year is the start of a new phase in their development, most will have set out targets and aims for the coming 12 months (or possibly even longer). January is the ideal time to kick [...]

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