Managing in the Gig Economy

Growing numbers of organisations are electing to employ individuals on a contract and freelance basis, leading to increasing numbers of individuals stepping away from traditional working methods to meet this need. The pandemic has escalated this trend, and the way people work is [...]

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The Problem With Annual Reviews

Annual performance reviews have come under fire in recent years; the idea of setting time aside once a year to review an individual’s performance is coming to be viewed as an outdated, time consuming and ineffective way of managing and appraising performance. This stance [...]

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New Year, New Challenges

For many organisations the beginning of a new year is the start of a new phase in their development, most will have set out targets and aims for the coming 12 months (or possibly even longer). January is the ideal time to kick [...]

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News! Underscore Has Moved

After a wonderful year spent in the WeWork offices in Holborn, we have made the decision to relocate our London office. Don't worry - we're only going around the corner, so it's still super easy to get to. Our new address is The [...]

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