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1507, 2021

Helping Employees Identify Their Unique Value Proposition

Creating a Value Proposition is elementary business practice. Organisations need to understand why their offering is important to their customers, and define why customers should choose them over anyone else. A VP workshop is an exercise almost all businesses would have participated in at some point. But what about [...]

1207, 2021

L&D and HR: A Force to Be Reckoned With

It’s an unfortunate truth, but in many organisations L&D and HR often don’t work well together. Despite the fact that the two functions are traditionally working towards the same goal, there remains a great deal of discord between the two. This may be because they traditionally deal with different [...]

807, 2021

Rediscovering Innovation

Innovation is key to business success, but how can organisations promote and stimulate innovation in their workforce? We explore some practical tips on how the environment, who’s in the room, and what’s being discussed can boost innovation. Innovation; it’s the driving force behind change and progression. Without innovation, an [...]

3006, 2021

Marketing and Communications in L&D

It doesn’t matter how good (or bad) your L&D offering is, if nobody knows it’s there, then it might as well not exist. As learning and development has evolved in its capacity and influence within organisations, the truth is that the marketing side of the industry remains painfully behind [...]

2706, 2021

Getting More from Coaching

It’s typically after something goes wrong that someone will employ the assistance of a coach. In the context of work it may come after a negative appraisal, being passed over for promotion, or feedback from a peer. But whatever the reason, coaching is often used as a reactive approach [...]

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