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2208, 2021

Design Thinking in L&D

Many feel that L&D is slipping behind the times in terms of delivering what learners need; we discuss how design thinking could help to reinvigorate the field and help it better meet the needs of those it serves. What is Design Thinking and How Can It Help L&D? In [...]

408, 2021

The Proactive Approach to Talent Management and Succession Planning

The biggest problem that many businesses face is that they rely on a reactive approach to talent management and succession planning. If a senior member of the team is leaving, for example, often there is no plan in place to anticipate this, and only when the announcement is made [...]

2807, 2021

Where does your L&D content come from and how to get it right?

In L&D the quality of content is vital in order for outcomes to be effective, but where does this content come from? Is it developed in-house, in partnership with third parties or outsourced completely, and how might this impact outcomes? Although ‘formal’ learning interventions are no longer the most [...]

2607, 2021

Project Management – the Accreditation Debate

With growing concerns about the skills gap in PM, we explore whether accredited courses are the best response to this challenge, or if they may be missing key skills that project managers need to know. As project management continues to grow in popularity as a profession, as well as [...]

2007, 2021

Is Followership the New Leadership?

While leadership skills are a vital area of development, they are arguably without value if individuals haven’t first learnt the vital art of followership. We explore what followership is and why it’s one of the most important skills individuals (especially junior colleagues such as apprentices and graduates) can learn [...]

1907, 2021

L&D and the Boardroom: Why You Should Have a Seat

The strategic decisions business leaders make especially when it comes to change) hits L&D hard. Wherever there are changes in structure, in IT, or in behaviour businesses often don’t consider the L&D impact and they are often the last to be informed. In some cases, they are involved after [...]

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