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2106, 2021

Skills assurance in a dynamic workplace

With employees taking advantage of more fluid careers, organisations need to have plans in place to address the constant flux occurring within the workplace. One approach is ‘skills assurance’, but what is skills assurance, why is it important and how can businesses achieve it? For many organisations the knowledge [...]

1306, 2021

Lights, Camera, Action learning

What is action learning, why does it work and how can it be used effectively as a professional development tool? We all know that learning is most valuable when we can put it into practice; just ask anyone who’s done algebra at school how valuable they find it now [...]

706, 2021

Keeping the learning alive – why it’s the bit after that matters

What happens after employees attend a learning intervention? How is this then translated back into the workplace? In most companies it’s not; we consider how to keep the learning alive after a programme, and why that’s often the most important part of the process. Despite its amazing powers and [...]

2905, 2021

Thinking About Thinking

We’d all like to believe we think in the most effective way, but the truth is we all take shortcuts, make assumptions and generally do what we can to avoid thinking about things in too much detail. But when it comes to product design, problem solving and a myriad [...]

2505, 2021

Is It Time For a New Era of Teams?

While the value of individual employees can be important to business success, typically it is the contribution of teams within an organisation that make the real difference. But are teams as we know them the real secret to success or do we need to look beyond the traditional view? [...]

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