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Duration: varies depending on number of webinar topics required

This module will provide HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to apply analytical thinking skills to statistical analysis, insights elicitation and the interpretation of data to inform business decisions.

Below is an overview of each webinar’s objectives. For further information on the content covered in each session, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a more detailed syllabus. 

Each of the following webinars is 60 minutes long and can be booked individually or combined with webinars across other modules to create a bespoke learning package focused on your specific requirements. 

  • Explain the importance of data driven decision making
  • Identify business risks and issues from reporting and data
  • Identify the data required to execute effective analysis of a given topic
  • Identify the data points needed to analyse a business or operational issue
  • Explain the purpose and value of statistical Analysis Techniques
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a range of statistical analysis methods
  • Apply statistical analysis techniques to a case study example
  • Apply statistical analysis to a real-life workplace challenge
  • Analyse and Interpret financial, operational and HR data
  • Extract insights and align outputs to business operations
  • Determine the impact of the results on the business, people, process or technology
  • Create insights and recommendation reports to inform customer validation activities
  • Explain different thinking styles and how this impacts team problem solving
  • Describe problem solving tools, techniques and processes
  • Align thinking styles to maximise team analytical thinking
  • Apply analytical tools and techniques to problem solving

Associated Data and Analytics Webinars in this series include: Strategic People Analytics, HR Systems and Data Architecture and Creating Compelling Business Cases.

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