Duration: varies depending on number of webinar topics required

This module will provide HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to engage it data architects and analysts to design future HR Data Structures and make informed decisions on HR System Procurement and Governance.

Below is an overview of each webinar’s objectives. For further information on the content covered in each session, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a more detailed syllabus. 

Each of the following webinars is 60 minutes long and can be booked individually or combined with webinars across other modules to create a bespoke learning package focused on your specific requirements. 

  • Explain the evolution of HR systems within the wider context of business systems
  • Explain the impact that cloud based HR systems have on enterprise architecture
  • Explain HR Systems selection and procurement process
  • Describe a structured decision making process to selecting new HR Systems
  • Explain data management concepts, data models, data structures etc.
  • Explain how to construct sustainable data management strategies
  • Explain how to construct sustainable data management systems and processes
  • Explain data governance in the context of wider systems governance (ITIL)
  • Explain how to design effective data architectures and structures
  • Explain the principles behind effective data privacy, data protection and GDPR
  • Review and interpret system data flows between internal and external systems
  • Speak the language of data architects and analysts
  • Decide optimum time to engage with Procurement and IT colleagues
  • Explain systems integrations and interfaces
  • Discuss systems governance and master data management with IT professionals
  • Implement basic systems governance processes to avoid future data changes

Associated Data and Analytics Webinars in this series include: Strategic People Analytics, Analytical Thinking and Creating Compelling Business Cases.

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