Duration: varies depending on number of webinar topics required

This module will provide HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to utilise people analytics to inform business decision making, support business change and improve business performance.

Below is an overview of each webinar’s objectives. For further information on the content covered in each session, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a more detailed syllabus. 

Each of the following webinars is 60 minutes long and can be booked individually or combined with webinars across other modules to create a bespoke learning package focused on your specific requirements. 

  • Explain how evidence based decision making drives business performance
  • Explain how to implement people analytics and get the basics right
  • Explain the global context of data analytics
  • Explain the trends, latest media intelligence & what good looks like
  • Define the 5-10 strategic people metrics that will monitor and drive decisions related to the successful implementation of an organisation’s business strategy
  • Describe the differences between data, reporting, metrics & KPIs, insight, and people analytics
  • Explain the importance of measuring the performance of the HR function using Activity Analysis, Benchmarking and Voice of the Customer
  • Analyse and interpret reporting, metrics and analytics to make informed decisions
  • Implement data driven decision making across the HR function
  • Identify and remove wasted effort producing nugatory reporting
  • Influence leaders to change policy, process, technology, culture through data
  • Create a high level plan to improve an organisation’s people analytics maturity
  • Collate insights to enable delivery of the business strategy
  • Apply evidence based decision making to drive overall business performance
  • Utilise data to create compelling stories for change

Associated Data and Analytics Webinars in this series include: Analytical Thinking, HR Systems & Data Architecture, and Creating Compelling Business Cases.

Please enjoy the following resources related to Strategic People Analysis:

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