Duration: varies depending on number of webinar topics required

This module will provide HR professionals with an opportunity to improve personal coaching skills and capability and advise leaders on the value of coaching to business development. The module will be underpinned by a coaching skills toolkit to apply immediately in the business.

Below is an overview of each webinar’s objectives. For further information on the content covered in each session, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a more detailed syllabus. 

Each of the following webinars is 60 minutes long and can be booked individually or combined with webinars across other modules to create a bespoke learning package focused on your specific requirements. 

  • Explain what coaching is – the principles, process and boundaries of responsibility
  • Explain the difference between coaching, mentoring and facilitation
  • Explain to leaders how to implement a coaching framework into a business
  • Explain what a coaching leadership style looks like
  • Explain to business leaders the value of a coaching culture and mindset
  • Demonstrate to business leaders coaching in action
  • Explain how to establish Coaching and Mentoring Framework for business leaders
  • Explore best practice examples of a coaching framework
  • Explain how to create a climate of psychological safety to underpin coaching
  • Demonstrate how to create trust and rapport with a coachee
  • Conduct a 1:1 coaching session – contracting through to action
  • Apply the key skills of coaching – Listening, questioning, summarising and feedback
  • Explain how psychometrics can support a coaching session
  • Describe Team Coaching and how it can help in team development
  • Utilise strategies to deal with resistance to coaching
  • Tools and Techniques to improve coaching effectiveness

Associated Business Partnering Webinars in this series include: Strategic Workforce Planning, Strategic Influencing and Decision Making, Stakeholder Engagement.

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