For successful companies to thrive, you not only need to recruit the best and the brightest, but you also need to keep them engaged and enthusiastic about their role. As many studies show, providing your people with learning and development opportunities is a great way to do this. And enrolling experts in your business on a train the trainer programme is an effective way to upskill multiple people in one go.

Not only do the people who attend the programme learn valuable skills, but they then can then pass on their own expertise to others across the business. It’s a virtuous circle that can have far reaching impact.

Naturally, there are circumstances where you may want to bring in specialists to deliver. For example, you need highly specialist training, or you wish to roll out a large-scale development programme. Alternatively, perhaps your team just doesn’t have the capacity to deliver training, and outsourcing is a more appropriate option.

However, there are also many reasons you might want to develop a pool of talented internal trainers: they may have highly specific knowledge of internal systems or processes that external trainers don’t. They may also understand the culture of the business and can deliver training that will really resonate, or they may have knowledge of topics that are relevant for the growth of your business, and outsourcing would be an unnecessary expense.

The challenge many organisations face when offering internal training is that employees often aren’t adequately trained in how to deliver successful learning programmes.

As a result, internal training can sometimes fail to achieve the desired results. Instead of improving performance, a poorly delivered programme or workshop can lead to errors, cause confusion, and lead to misaligned practices.

Delivering truly effective learning takes a specific set of skills that not everyone has had the opportunity to develop, but that anyone in an organisation can learn. Skills such as how to design a learning session, how to adapt a programme to different types of learners, and how to present information in a way that is engaging and impactful, can all be developed through a train the trainer course.

These are skills that can be used in a wide variety of ways, from formal training programmes delivered across the business, to lunch and learns, ad-hoc training sessions, or even events and workshops. You might find new opportunities to deliver training to support clients or run learning events at trade shows or conferences. All of which is great for brand building and building a loyal customer base.

Understanding the principles and nuances that are unique to training delivery can also help in day to day work: supporting a colleague in learning a new system, presenting information in team meetings, or onboarding new starters.

There is a plethora of ways in which a train the trainer course can help you leverage the exceptional knowledge, skills, and expertise that already exists in your organisation.

If you’d like to learn more, or develop your skills in training delivery, we run a two-day Train the Trainer course, designed to help individuals develop the essential skills needed for training. View full details on our Public Programme Page. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss a bespoke programme or enquire about any of our other personal and team development courses.

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