Prioritising and Decision Making

Duration: delivered virtually over two half days

Cost: £475 +VAT per person (prices vary for bespoke courses – please enquire)

There are only 24 hours in a day, and only so many of those that you want to spend in the office!

While many people seem to see working long hours and being highly stressed as a badge of honour you can in fact be more productive and fully effective in your role without burning yourself out.

Quite simply in this whirlwind world we need to be great at managing the time and that’s what this interactive one day workshop will teach you.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use a selection of tools to set goals, plan and prioritise your time
  • Stop self-sabotaging and create more productive time every day
  • Take control of your day, the time you have available and other people who try to steal your time
  • Hold more effective meetings
  • Manage stress so that you can be at your peak more often
  • Understanding the need to manage your time effectively
  • Identifying your time stealers
  • Setting goals
  • Getting clarity about what needs to be done
  • Understanding what is urgent and what is important in order to prioritise your tasks
  • Planning your time
  • Using to do lists and other time management tools
  • Understanding your time personality and the impact it can have on how you use your time and how others perceive your time management
  • Recognising procrastination and taking action
  • The myth of multitasking
  • Creating focus and clarity in your day
  • Using the time you have to be most productive
  • How to assert yourself with others who might be impacting your time management
  • Managing interruptions
  • Saying no and feeling OK about it
  • Negotiating workloads
  • Delegating
  • How to hold productive meetings
  • Managing your meeting attendance effectively
  • Exploring stress and how we respond to it
  • Shifting mindsets
  • Thinking differently
  • Managing overwhelm and panic
  • Tools to manage stress at work

Cost: £475 +VAT per person (prices vary for bespoke courses – please enquire)

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