Coaching for Performance

Duration: 1 day

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is in a first line manager position looking to develop their coaching skills.

The focus of the workshop is on understanding how coaching supports other management techniques, how it develops people and their performance, and how best to use coaching with your team.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Define what coaching is and how it differs from and complements other management techniques
  • State the benefits that coaching has for team members, managers and the business
  • Use the key skills of coaching
  • Implement strategies to deal with resistance to coaching
  • Give feedback effectively while coaching
  • Practice your coaching skills with real-life situations
  • How does coaching differ from mentoring, training, counselling?
  • Giving advice vs coaching – The Power of 3
  • How does coaching support performance?
  • Coaching as a leadership style
  • What are the benefits of taking a coaching approach for:
    • Team members
    • Managers
    • The wider organisation
  • How to build rapport for a positive coaching relationship
  • Effective listening – understanding and practising the different levels involved in active listening
  • Smart questioning
  • The power of observation – reflecting back what isn’t being said
  • Practical application throughout
  • Understanding how to use the GROW model
  • Types of questions to use at each stage
  • Demonstration and practice
  • Why might people be resistant to coaching?
  • The role of “experts”, self-talk and self-concept in our thinking
  • Expanding comfort zones
  • Contracting and ethics
  • Directive vs Non-Directive Coaching
  • How and when to give feedback when coaching
  • A feedback model
  • Practice

Action Planning

Useful course where I learnt some good points. Trainer was excellent and videos were good to reinforce the message.

Tokyo Electron logoDavid, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Really interesting. Clarified differences between training and coaching. Session was very intensive using appropriate material. I will use in the future the coaching approach.

Tokyo Electron logoMassimo, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

I would recommend the course, as it brings different thinking to managing personnel. Good opportunities to apply learning. Was able to apply real concerns to workshop scenarios.

Tokyo Electron logoDave, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

The course helps to clarify the meaning and concept of Coaching versus other types of support to employees. It was fine, quite informal as it should be to stimulate open discussion.

Tokyo Electron logoAlfredo, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

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