Welcome to our new blog series exploring the principles and practicalities of schedule risk analysis. Over the next few blogs we’ll be looking at key concepts such as Uncertainty Analysis and Three-Point Estimating, Running Schedule Risk Analysis and looking at confidence levels and sensitivity, Integrating Risk Registers into our Schedule Risk analysis, and before all of this Schedule Integrity to ensure you have a robust schedule to do schedule risk analysis on. We will look at how these can support in the risk management process and the impact they can have. We’ll also consider how tools such as Primavera Risk Analysis, Acumen FUSE® and Acumen Risk® can support in this process.

Kicking off with next week’s blog, we’ll be looking at Schedule Integrity and how to ensure you have a “good” schedule before you start to perform schedule risk analysis.

We hope you enjoy this blog series, please do get in touch and let us know if you have any feedback, or would like any specific topics covered. Comment below, contact us via email, connect with us on LinkedIn or tweet us @UnderscoreComms

We run a range of courses on this subject, both tools and techniques. Have a look at our project management training programmes to find out more about what we do in this area. 

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