Microsoft Project – Master Projects and Resource Sharing

Duration: 1/2 days (4 hours virtual)

This course shows you how to create Master Projects allowing you to roll several sub projects into a master view.  It also shows techniques to create resource pools to share resources between projects to enable you to better manage your resource teams and check resource loading.

This half day course looks at how to practically do this and setup both elements.

This is aimed at existing users of Microsoft Project who need to create master schedules and share resources and loadings.

By the end of the course you will be able to be:

  • Create master projects
  • Insert and update sub projects
  • Create a resource pool
  • Share resources between projects
  • Check resource loadings between projects
  • Consolidating projects
  • Linking to sub projects
  • Setting the master project as read only
  • Saving consolidated projects
  • Working on consolidated projects
  • Setting task links between projects
  • Getting source project information
  • Removing projects from the consolidation
  • Creating a resource pool
  • Sharing resources
  • Opening projects that share resources
  • Updating the resource pool
  • Refreshing the resource pool
  • Opening a resource pool
  • Removing resource sharing
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