Microsoft Project – Advanced Planning and Control

Duration: 1 day (6 hours)

Our Project – Advanced Planning and Control course looks at advanced planning and resourcing techniques in Microsoft Project and how to customise your schedule to give better visibility and flexibility.

The course is designed for experienced users of Project who have attended our Project Planning and Control introduction course or have equivalent knowledge.  You must be confident using Project to build and resource schedules and create task dependencies.

By the end of the course you will be able to be:

  • Work with different types of task
  • Amend resource load on a task
  • Work with multiple resource rates
  • Create custom tables
  • Add custom fields
  • Create calculated fields
  • Add drop down lists in fields
  • Filter and extract information
  • Create new views
  • Export information
  • Splitting tasks
  • Task types
  • Spreading work across activities
  • Resource types
  • Assignment views
  • Effective dates
  • Work contours
  • Overtime work
  • Using multiple resource rates
  • Customising tables
  • Adding fields
  • Adding text, number, date and time fields
  • Using flag fields
  • Defining pick lists
  • Renaming custom fields
  • Creating formulas
  • Using graphical indicators
  • Completing work
  • Completing work per resource
  • Updating tasks
  • Updating the project
  • Working with the status date
  • Rescheduling work
  • Viewing baseline against schedule
  • Project overview statistics
  • Building standard filters
  • Building interactive filters
  • Task and resource filters
  • Using highlight filters
  • Creating customised views
  • Customising text styles
  • Using grouping techniques
  • Exporting to Excel
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