I can’t think of any business out there that doesn’t use Excel in some form or other.

Yet are we using the full power of the tool? As each version comes out Microsoft introduces some amazing new features and yet so many people keep using Excel as they always have and don’t benefit from the productively and power the new features give.

Now with Office 2016 as part of an Office 365 subscription new features are popping in all the time without the need for big upgrade programmes.
Conditional formatting has improved hugely through the versions giving you some great tools to create dashboards and indicators. Couple this with the powerful charting features, sparklines and the new data maps and you can create some amazing dashboards and BI data quickly and easily.

Working with data tables allows so much more flexibility with data and less room for error. It means adding new records in still updates formulas and pivot tables without the need to edit data ranges. Also with the slicer feature now being available in tables as well as pivot tables you can quickly and easily filter your data.

Pivot tables have also improved over the versions and got a new look interface, with slicers, timeline filters and many other options they pack a powerful punch when summarising and working with data.

They have even provide helpful new features such as the Quick Analysis tools to help with all of this.

If you are an existing user of Excel but would like to improve your Excel skills and learn about some of these amazing features, we regularly run public courses in all areas of Excel. Visit our programme booking page to see our current schedule, or get in touch if you’d like to organise a private learning event for your team. Come and join us and learn how to get the most out of Excel.

You can email us on training@underscore-group.com to book your place or if you have any questions.

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