Excel Module 1 – Key Skills and Formula Creation

Duration:1 day

Our Excel Module 1 – Key Skills and Formula Creation course shows you all the key features to allow you to confidentially build Excel spreadsheets. It shows quick tips and tricks for working with spreadsheets and looks at different types of formula and how to use Excel more effectively.

The course is aimed at new or existing users who want to build their skills and confidence in Excel.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create workbooks and worksheets
  • Create different types of formula
  • Use basic Excel functions
  • Use absolute and relative references in formula
  • Edit and manipulate information
  • Format worksheets for professional presentation
  • Create and amend graphs
  • Preview, print and PDF information
  • Adding text, numbers, dates and times
  • Using automatic features
  • Renaming worksheets
  • Saving a workbook
  • Basic formulas
  • Formula syntax
  • Operators and brackets
  • Ordering calculations
  • The function wizard
  • Using SUM, AVERAGE, MAX and MIN
  • Copying formula
  • Auto calculate
  • Editing formulas
  • Using absolute references in formulas
  • Navigating and editing worksheets
  • Moving and copying
  • Adjusting column widths and row heights
  • Deleting data
  • Inserting and deleting columns and rows
  • Zoom
  • Freeze panes
  • Changing text attributes
  • Changing number formats
  • Using list autofill
  • Adding simple borders
  • Using the Mini Toolbar
  • Applying cell styles
  • Creating simple charts
  • Changing the type of graph
  • Adding data labels
  • Customising the graph
  • Creating Sparklines
  • Using print preview
  • Amending page setup options
  • Printing a worksheet
  • Creating a PDF of your worksheet
  • Using Page Layout view and Page Break Preview

“The course was not rushed at all and felt this had gained me extra knowledge.”

Mike, Brian Johnston Insurance

Excellent course and trainer. Great course. This is all down to the trainer. The trainer was helpful and informative and broke the course up brilliantly. No improvements needed in my mind.

Victoria, Civil Aviation Authority

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, easy to follow, clear explanations on how to use excel, excellent trainer delivery, followed by recap exercises to check learning. Clear, easy to follow, information delivered, handy book to refer to, recap exercises to put what you have been trained into practice. Susan was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and made the subject interesting. The recap exercises and the handy sized book. Susan did a recap activity after lunch setting us different tasks to ensure that the mornings information had gone in. The best learning technology course I have ever attended.

Julie, Gatwick Airport Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. Really interesting- learnt so much and Susan was clear in her approach making tasks really fun. Fun and interesting session, learnt loads, all content was relevant and helpful. No improvements I can think of. Loved the book to take away with all the content from the day and the offer of 6 month email support after the course is great.

Andrew, Gatwick Airport Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. Excellent. Learned a lot. Very useful. Perfect timing. All covered aspects were useful. The trainer was very knowledgeable. What I found most useful were the practice and tips. No need to change anything,

Mateusz , Gatwick Airport Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, it was appropriate for my needs and the trainer aware of the attendees varying levels of previous understanding. Excellent trainer. The content was appropriate, the pace was well pitched, and the trainer was able to 1-2-1 for anyone that needed this.

Sharon, Gatwick Airport Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. I would definitely recommend it, I gained all the information I required on this course Susan was a great trainer looking forward to my next course next week, was a great course

Alison, Welland Medical

Easy and comfortable environment to learn the basic skills on Excel and Susan made it really easy. The session was very well structured. Susan had great knowledge and was able to offer help on the topics which were not in the learning objectives.

Shanaya, Civil Aviation Authority

Yes I would recommend the course. Really clear instruction. Helped me to understand excel in a clear and easy way. The shortcuts were fab!! Susan presented all the aspects of Excel in a really clear way. She was always on hand to help out if I was stuck or confused. The most useful was definitely the short cuts, these will be invaluable. Also, how the formulas work, which have really confused me before. Once I have grasped the basics of Excel, I would like to go on the Module 2 course. The venue was amazing. such a beautiful building. Lovely buffet, tea making facilities. Administration was clear and informative

Andrea, Colas Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. I would absolutely recommend it, Susan was fantastic, checking if we understood everything. I felt happy to be there

Veronika, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

I would definitely recommend the course. With the knowledge the course gives, the user would be able to use Excel with greater efficiency. Excellent course.

Stuart, Civil Aviation Authority

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend it. Very informative and covers so much on a basic level. Helps with maths too. The practical exercises were helpful to put what we learnt into practice. Most useful was the graphs and formulas. Venue was perfect, lunch and beverages were excellent.

Min, Civil Aviation Authority

Yes, I found Susan a very good trainer and delivered the course very well. Susan is very knowledge and delivered the course at the right pace.Susan made the attendees feel at ease, so it was useful being in a group at the same level as learnt also from questions raised and Susan made the course fully inclusive. The Beehive is an excellent venue, good facilities and to my knowledge the course administration/booking all went smoothly.

Marie, Galliford Try

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, Susan is an exceptional trainer who is able to support all levels of knowledge and confidence in the same session.

Jessica, Gatwick Airport Ltd

I have already recommended the course to a few of my colleagues as I think that its a good refresher/ base to start from if your a bit rusty on Excel and want to brush up on the basics. Susan was really good at demonstrating and then helping you to work at out challenges given, instead of showing you how it was done – I found this really helpful. A really good interactive session with a small class of four and felt this gave every learner in the room the opportunity to get one to one time with Susan which I find important when being given training. I liked that the class was given an example of what the next exercise was going to be based on before opening a work booklet to get given a similar problem to work on, I really liked this as it wasn’t just copying off the board.

Jessica, Willis Towers Watson

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