Establishing a robust support structure is something that gets overlooked in a surprising number of Workday implementations.

In the heat of project delivery, attention naturally focuses on managing the latest integrations risk, design issue, or particularly challenging stakeholder. And yet, your ability to deliver the business benefits promised in your business case, and even the ongoing success of your HR function, rests on how effectively you design, build and resource your Workday Support Model.

What does an effective Workday Support Model look like?

In the diagram below, we outline the key roles that are required to build an effective Workday support model, as well as some of the core responsibilities for each role.

Workday support model

Why is a support model so vital?

Workday is a great technology solution, arguably one of the best HR solutions currently on the market, with a huge range of functions and add-ons to enable more efficient processes across the business. However, due to the comprehensive nature of what Workday offers, in most instances, full deployment can take well over a year. Your Workday support team is there to enable the successful implementation of each stage of your roll out, working in accordance with the product roadmap.

In addition to setting up the primary functionality, they will support with major updates which typically occur every six months, and minor weekly patches to the software. Ultimately, you Workday support team are there to plan, design, build, test, transition and sustain changes to your Workday solution, whilst simultaneously supporting users and the system.

Building the right team not only prevents potential defects with the system itself, but also provides a support system for users, to help ensure it is utilised in the most efficient way, enabling you to achieve the desired business benefits.

Need support in building an effective Workday support model now?

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Our founding Directors, Jason West and Joe Ales, have been delivering Workday implementation and remediation programmes since 2013. Joe has also held operational accountability for Workday support for an organisation of 15,000 employees. As such, we’ve seen and experienced, first-hand, the entire implementation and development process, and understand the challenges it brings. (You can hear more about Jason and Joe’s experiences of programme delivery, and the lessons learned on our new podcast.)

Since 2016, we have been growing our in-house Resourcing and Talent Development capabilities to further support the implementation of effective System Support Models, HR Operating Models and HR Transformation programmes for our clients.

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