Delivering Presentations with Impact

Duration: 2 days

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is new to presenting or wishes to develop their skills when presenting to groups.

The workshop is highly practical, with a number of opportunities to deliver prepared and off-the-cuff presentations, alongside constructive feedback on your presentation delivery.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Deliver presentations with clarity, confidence and conviction
  • Prepare a range of effective presentations
  • Manage your nerves in a variety of ways
  • Handle different types of questions authoritatively
  • Use visual effects to best effect
  • Delivery of pre-prepared 10-15 minute presentations, there will be several opportunities over the 2 days
  • Feedback from colleagues and your facilitator
  • What questions to ask yourself before designing and delivering a presentation
  • Audience awareness
  • Different presentation formats
  • Content generation techniques
  • Planning and designing structure of presentations using a variety of techniques
  • Preparing a real-life presentation for delivery
  • How to deliver with clarity, confidence and conviction
  • Communication skills for presenting
  • Tips and techniques to hold an audience’s attention
  • Similarities and differences
  • How to best deliver presentations as a team
  • Practical application and feedback
  • Identifying why nerves occur
  • Identify your level of ease/nervousness when presenting
  • Techniques to overcome nerves
  • When to take questions
  • Question handling strategies
  • Methods to handle challenging questions
  • Practical application and feedback
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