Communication and Collaboration

Duration: 1 days

The world is changing perhaps even faster than any of us could have imagined.  The need for people and organisations to collaborate and work together has never been more critical in today’s economic environment, to meet the demands of the market and growing global competition and impact of technology.

In all too many organisations, efforts to promote and sustain collaboration fall short.  Leaders trying to create collaborative cultures tend to focus on instilling the right values or designing the right physical space.  They overlook the fact that true collaboration requires a climate of psychological safety and certain personal skills.  Communication skills are at the top of this list.

This course will help delegates to improve their collaboration skills and develop highly effective personal communication skills to meet the demands of today’s complex business world.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of communication – do’s and don’ts
  • Explain what a Communication Charter looks like
  • Explain and introduce communication and collaboration frameworks and standards
  • Describe how personality preference impacts your communication style
  • Describe communications in today’s modern multi-dimensional world
  • Apply practical tools, tips and techniques to improve personal and team collaboration and communications skills
  • What does ‘being the best’ look like?
  • Communication behaviours and competencies – best practice and benchmark
  • Stories galore – the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Barriers to communication
  • Practical tips, tools and techniques
  • Framing your message
  • How to make an emotional connection
  • Constructing a clear message
  • Manage your impact – tone and language
  • Getting the message right – language and message construction
  • Etiquette e.g. email do’s and don’ts
  • Why collaboration is important
  • ISO 44001 – Collaborative Framework
  • Collaborative behaviours and competencies
  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Virtual communications
  • Multi-cultural impact on communications and collaboration
  • Multi-generational considerations
  • Diversity and inclusion – legal considerations
  • Personality preference
  • Communication and collaboration styles
  • Shaping your comms for positive impact

“If you want to go faster you go it alone, if you want to go further you go as a team’”

  • Team Charter
  • The principle of Teaming
  • Holding each other to account
  • Action Planning
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