Strategic Decision Making

Duration: 1 day

Strategic decision making is messy, complex and full of uncertainty. These are factors which work against the human mind when it comes to making effective decisions.

This course provides delegates with insights into the factors influencing strategic decision making.

Using psychometric profiles delegates will learn about their own preferences when making decisions, how to influence others and how to create the ideal conditions for successful strategic decision making.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Explain the challenges of VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguous
  • Use models of Strategic Thinking
  • Understand the impact of perception, bias and judgement in decision making
  • Understand personal preferences and approaches to decision making
  • Speed read other people’s approach to decision making
  • Use decision making models for strategic thinking
  • Apply Mindsets, Skillsets and Toolsets for decision making
  • Understand the human facts that influence decision making
  • Understanding personal preferences and approaches to decision making
  • Understand the impact of Perception, Bias and judgement in decision making
  • Speed reading others’ approach to decision making
  • Understand the business factors that influence decision making – VUCA
  • The Cynefin Framework – decision making in complex situations
  • Understanding which business context you operate in – simple, complicated, complex or chaotic
  • How to understand yourself better
  • How to improve your decision making
  • How to understand others better
  • How to improve other’s decision making
  • How to put humans at the centre of your decision making
  • The art of Creative Problem Solving
  • Using Design Thinking to reduce human complexity in decision making
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