The course was very interactive and tailored to my colleagues and my needs. I liked the pace of the course and the handouts we were given. I thought the course was well run and loved the interactive nature of the course. I have learnt a lot but feel I could benefit from more training. It was very professional.

Willis Towers Watson logoAna, Willis Towers Watson

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days and have taken so much away from it, the content and delivery was spot on ans. I would recommended this course to anyone who is starting out in training or has been involved with training for some time. For anyone getting into training this course gives you the tools to start becoming an effective trainer. For anyone who has been involved in training for sometime this will rejuvenate them and enable them to bring fresh ideas to their delivery. The structure of the course was brilliant, I went with the idea I would present and then learn. Having the opportunity to understand and learn different techniques and apply these to your delivery/structure/slides before delivery was a perfect way of learning for me. As I stated above the opportunity to understand and learn different techniques and apply these to your delivery/structure/slides before delivery was a perfect way of learning for me. I believe this did benefit everyone in the group. I have honestly racked my brain to try and provide some constructive feedback on things that could be better but I am unable to do so. The venue was easy to find and parking was available, the venue its self was an interesting place the foyer area and break out areas were great facilitates, nice lunch & clean. The communication prior to us attending was good, no overkill on the emails which I find to be annoying sometimes.

Willis Towers Watson logoPhil, Willis Towers Watson

Yes I would recommend this to others. The training enable me to ‘think outside the box’ showed me news ways of working and delivering, gave me coping mechanisms to put in place if things go wrong. I think this is an ideal course for Trainers to refresh their delivery styles too. Loved it!! An exceptional 2 days – I learnt so much. The atmosphere was relaxed, and the trainer encouraged us to answer questions, prompted us to expand on answers and was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the training cycle. The whole course was extremely useful for me, having not delivered training before. Every aspect of the content was very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed both days. I feel more confident to deliver training now. The venue is fantastic! Light and airy.

Willis Towers Watson logoLaura, Willis Towers Watson

I would recommend the course, some very useful points and higher level overview of the training process. Well paced session with excellent timekeeping. Refreshing and confirming what I already knew or had gathered from experience, but also items like mind mapping to help in the creation of training.

Tokyo Electron logoDarren, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the training for all persons where start with giving trainings and coaching session to get tools on hand how to organise and plan sessions. Overall it was a very interesting session for me, I think I can use many parts of the training for my future training sessions. Especially for planning and preparing I learned a lot. i.e. Example Lesson Plan etc. Everything was perfectly organised.

Tokyo Electron logoThomas, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. The course is well structured and focuses on what is important to assess training needs, design, delivery and evaluation of training. It is very interactive and Chris was excellent creating an enjoyable, safe environment to work in, ensure comfortable participation and engagement. By going through the structured process it clearly highlighted areas in my training design/delivery that needed improvement.

Tokyo Electron logoJulian, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Yes. I have come out of this course feeling more confident tin my abilities to design and structure a training course (material and delivery). My goal was to learn how to make training sessions more interactive and I feel like I have definitely achieved that goal. Thanks to Chris. All the practical games and interactive exercises. Also becoming more aware of the need to cater for the different learning styles, when designing and delivering a training course. Everything went well for me. Really enjoyed the training.

Tokyo Electron logoHenry, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. If your role in the company would be to train other people, I would really recommend it. All details are covered and compared with the way you are leading your trainings. Together Chris will try how he can help you and his focus is on the participants. The session is very structured and we really had to give him all our input. Each example we gave him, he tried to put in a bigger picture and showed us how we can deal with it better in the future. If some thing were more important to us, we would go deeper in those topics.

CBRE logoAxel, CBRE

I would recommend the course, it was extremely informative on how to approach different circumstances whilst training including how to deal with difficult people. Chris was extremely informative and friendly and adapted the sessions to address specific issues that both of us wanted to go through. Going through a training plan for the courses you are carrying out, learning how to make an effective training plan has helped to structure our training sessions going forward. Venue was very nice and staff helpful.

CBRE logoAmy, CBRE