Outlook – Improving Efficiency

Duration: 4 hours

People tend to think they know how to use Outlook however there are so many lesser known features that can make working in Outlook so much more efficient.

Simply understanding the layouts, how to turn things on and off and customising the environment to your preferences can save time and frustration. You then have search features, things such as conversation clean up and quick steps that can help to tidy up and organise what you do.

By the end of the course you will be able to be:

  • Customise Outlook to your preferences
  • Manage email conversations
  • Setup and use Quick Steps
  • Create folders and organise information
  • Setup rules
  • Search for information
  • Work effectively with calendars
  • Using the Navigation Pane and “To-do Bar”
  • Setting folder pane options
  • Adding favourites
  • Peak preview
  • Customising the quick access bar
  • Setting reading pane and message preview
  • Customizing email mail views
  • Using the field chooser
  • Email conversations
  • Conversation clean up
  • Using Quick Steps
  • Creating folders and organising information
  • Setting email options
  • Setting up rules
  • Using the Search bar
  • Setting what to search for
  • Setting where to search
  • Searching for categories
  • Adding more search options
  • Setting what to view
  • Using Schedule View
  • Setting calendar options
  • Weather bar
  • Adding different time zones
  • Adding meetings and appointments
  • Setting up and using categories
  • Opening other people’s calendars
  • Setting calendar permissions
  • Calendar groups
  • Setting task options
  • Adding and amending tasks
  • Setting dates, deadlines and reminders
  • Adding attachments to tasks
  • Assigning tasks to others
  • Flagging tasks
  • Using and setting Quick Click
  • Recurring tasks
  • Flagging emails to appear on your task list
  • Converting emails to tasks
  • Converting tasks to calendar appointments

Would highly recommended the course because it brought a lot of very useful features to light which I never used or even recognised before. I found it very useful to discover all the powerful functions of the search ribbon and to add rules with retention labels.

Marcel, Tokyo Electron

Good Trainer and Course. It was good to see all of what I can get from Outlook – I have already implemented things like Conversations, additional time zone (Japan) in my calendar etc.

Henry, Tokyo Electron

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