It was so helpful to go through the basics of how to set up and manage a meeting or training session within a small group so that we could ask questions and work out solutions. Covered a lot in 1.25 hours: setting up meeting, sharing documents including what is feasible for internal and external participants, breakout rooms, polls and whiteboard functions

Catherine, St Catherine's Hospice

Good introduction and good open communication, friendly open and customer orientated.

Uwe, Tokyo Electron

Excellent Course and Trainer, Teams is new within Tokyo Electron and there are some functions that are needed to have a easy transfer from Skype to Teams. The group was fantastic as there was different use cases of each member discussed. It is an easy way to get trained for new software or other skills without travelling to an training centre. All the trainings are always mixed with new people and it’s good to hear the use-case or opinions of other people.

Mario, Tokyo Electron

Excellent Course and Trainer. This course was very interesting and useful, our company has just rolled Team’s out to all its employees. I had not used Teams before and to be honest I wasn’t using it and was sticking with Skype. Now I have had the training I feel more confident in using Teams and have used it a lot in the past week.

Jenny, Tokyo Electron

Susan did really well to align the content of the training to our specific needs. She shared lots of useful tips/information. It was good to get a thorough overview of the features Teams has to offer. We covered loads in the hour. Susan’s ongoing support and willingness to find answers to questions/queries is brilliant.

Megan, St Catherine's Hospice