Excellent course and trainer. The session covered enough content to get a newbie going. The training book and exercises were of a high quality. All of the IT worked. Great learning environment at the Beehive. I can now use MS Project and have confidence to explore.

SGN logoPhil, Scotia Gas Networks

I would recommend the course, easy to follow, shorts breaks at the right time to refocus the mind. From the start of training felt at ease, Susan was very friendly and approached the training in a positive and entertaining approach. It was well paced for a complete beginner, the exercises are well constructed and easy to follow. The training gave a good overview of what can be achieved with MS project. The useful part was knowing how to navigate the software, have been issued with a project to look at however, not knowing what I’m looking at and how it all fits together just pushed to one side. Now feel can look at the project supplied and make some sense from it.

SGN logoGeoff, Scotia Gas Network

I would recommend the course, good mix of theory and demo, backed up with helpful individual exercises. Course textbook good – useful resource for future reference. Trainer had excellent knowledge of the package and clear presentation, along with good demos which highlighted potential issues, and clear exercises. Good learning environment. A lot to take in on one day, but well paced and not rushed. Venue excellent. Good food. Administration good.

SGN logoTim, Scotia Gas Networks

Very useful and informative session, lots learnt about the tricks and the benefits of Project. Very good course layout. Trainer had good knowledge and presentation of the course which kept us interested. The use of the rescheduling incomplete work tool. We used to just update program dates but now we can effectively see our strengths and weaknesses when using project. Venue was good. Lunch was excellent and the venue had good facilities and very comfy chairs!

SGN logoBradley, Scotia Gas Networks

Excellent course and trainer, Susan led us through the functionality of MS Office allowing us all to see the potential benefits to our business. Covered all essentials, the teaching was sympathetic to all levels of IT literacy while keeping up a strong enough pace to maintain interest. Gave me an understanding of how MS project works and how I can apply this in the workplace.

SGN logoMartin, Scotia Gas Networks

Excellent course and trainer. I enjoyed the course. The course was very beneficial, a lot of information I didn’t know. Susan was very clear showing my Microsoft Project. She was also very patient with me when I was unsure about a certain tool. Very helpful. Venue very nice.

Tamsin, Colas

This course was a great insight to MS Project. I have only had a quick look at MS Project before I started my new role at WTW and this course was a great in-depth look what the system can do and the reports it can run. It was also really good to have the course outline and then make it specific to our company as we went through the course. We spent more or less time on an area of the course as appropriate. And as the course had just 2 people from our company involved it was really good to change for us only. Susan’s knowledge was excellent so she knew how to get the best of the training programme to meet our requirements. I feel confident to be able to now go and have a go at creating and maintaining a project plan. The venue is really good, good location to get to, good parking facilities and cafe for lunch. Would certainly look to use it again.

Willis Towers Watson logoSuzanne, Willis Towers Watson