I would recommend the course, it really helps to understand the big picture of managing a project and ensuring what’s needed to achieve a clearly defined desired outcome. Enjoyed the session as trainer was very friendly and created a very good team atmosphere. Liked the team exercises. Being allowed to discuss my own project challenge ahead and one aspect of it (estimating time required).

Tokyo Electron logoLiam, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. Good high level review course to summarise the topic and highlight what participants may actually already know/do on the subject. Good and well paced, with knowledgeable trainer. Gave me confidence in what I already do and what I already know

Tokyo Electron logoDarren, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

It was a useful course for me and now I need to use this to benefit me on my forthcoming projects.

Tokyo Electron logoJacqui, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. Yes I would recommend it, this is a strong overview of Project Management. The day’s course was very well managed. Mike had total control of the day. For me as a total beginner to Project Management this gave a great in site to the terminology, time-lines, estimating and thinking outside the box

Willis Towers Watson logoSue, Willis Towers Watson

Excellent course and trainer, very informative. Right pitch and interesting.

Tokyo Electron logoDes, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

I would recommend the course, clear introduction of how project management can work, so depending on the role it can be very useful. Excellent course. What I found most useful was the overall view of Project management improvements.

Tokyo Electron logoJohan, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Good presentation style – Good interactions with the participants. Good response to the participants.

Tokyo Electron logoVolker, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Good course and excellent trainer. I would recommend the course, excellently delivered. Good way of delivering courses with group exercises.

Tokyo Electron logoHenry, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Very positive training session, with interactivity, good sharing of experience from the trainer, giving a lot of tips in order to succeed in managing a project.

Tokyo Electron logoThomas, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Training is a good check point and learning for projects, most members have learned projects through experience. Session was good using examples and make people discuss with each other and find out that there are more disciplines that your own.

Tokyo Electron logoPeter, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Yes I will recommend the course, it will help to evaluate in advance more aspect of a project. What I found most useful was the managing of resources and the identification of the leaders in different layer of the project before it starts. I did enjoy the course the way it was structured.

Tokyo Electron logoAlfredo, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.