Excellent course and trainer. Good insights into how to transact with others, well worth attending and enjoyable as well as positive and insightful. Good structure No role play, which is a positive! Good and thought provoking insights into how we transact with others.

Tokyo Electron logoDuncan, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

I would recommend the course, it’s an interesting course on a very useful and required topic. Some very good techniques presented.Some very good techniques and tips given.

Tokyo Electron logoDarren, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend it, very enjoyable. Learnt new ways to respond to challenging situations and thinking about what might really be behind the problem. Also, how to approach the resulting difficult conversation. Engaging trainer, kept me focused to the end. Good course content; useful to be reminded, that workplace behaviour can be influenced by problems outside of work.

Tokyo Electron logoJan, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

Excellent course and trainer, I would absolutely recommend it. Session was very interactive and example led.

Tokyo Electron logoDerek, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.