Excellent course and trainer. Yes I would recommend to others, course was very useful. Susan was very friendly and made sure we had regularl breaks. Course was interesting and useful.

Coyee, Willis Towers Watson

Excellent course and trainer. Yes I would recommend it, it covered everything needed with good depth and guided examples. Good introduction and refresher to the topic, without relying on too much additional background knowledge. The found the guided examples to do by yourself the most useful. Yes, I would recommend a virtual training sessions, works well for such technical example-led topics. No issues, as ever.

Darren, Tokyo Electron

Excellent course and trainer. Absolutely I would recommend it, this a good course to manage analysis of data. Well organized, good explanations from high skill trainer. Questions are answered in a professional manner and good reactivity. To me, having split the training course in 3 sessions instead of a course of 6 hours in a row, is really good. Especially via Webex I believe this is a good way for such training. Using already Pivot table, this training brings to me deeper knowledge to calculate fields and items, grouping. Also understanding of the way Pivot Table works (Cache) is important. I would recommend virtual training as long as the session are not too long: to me 2 hours per session is a good duration. It is well managed and well followed up by Susan.

Patrick, Tokyo Electron

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend it, very friendly trainer and good training speed and content. Very good session. I found the Step by step learning of the features most useful, in contrast to self-training “on the fly” when you encounter a specific problem. I found virtual training easy accessible, good experience.

Falk, Tokyo Electron