Excel Module 3 – Data Management Techniques

Duration: delivered virtually over two half days

Cost: £260 +VAT per person (prices vary for bespoke courses – please enquire)

Our Excel Module 3 – Data Management Techniques course looks at the next steps in working with your data.

It explores some more formulas and functions and auditing tools to help when things go wrong. It covers using simple Lookups to pull in data, how to protect your spreadsheets and techniques such as using formulas as part of your conditional formatting and having linked data validation lists to make it easier and more efficient to manage your data. It also includes an introduction to using Macros.

This course is aimed at existing users of Excel who want to further their skills. Participants should be able to confidently create and amend worksheets, build formulas and use basic data validation and conditional formatting.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use partial absolute cell referencing
  • Use the formula auditing tools
  • Set cell protection
  • Name and work with named ranges
  • Use formulas to set conditional formatting
  • Create linked data validation lists
  • Use the VLOOKUP command
  • Use simple date and time functions
  • Review of absolute vs relative references
  • Using partial absolute referencing
  • Using the auditing facility
  • Tracing how formulas are made up
  • Tracing precedents and dependents
  • Evaluating formulas
  • Error checking
  • Showing formulas on a sheet
  • Naming cells
  • Using range names in formulas
  • Using date functions
  • Using time functions
  • Calculating with dates
  • Formatting based on other column information
  • Using conditional formulas
  • Finding cells with conditional formatting
  • Naming lists
  • Linked data validation lists
  • Constructing a simple VLOOKUP function to draw information from another source
  • Using HLOOKUP
  • Setting cell protection
  • Locking and unlocking cells
  • Hiding formulas
  • Protecting a worksheet
  • Setting the level of protection
  • Protecting a workbook
  • Macro concepts
  • Recording macros
  • Example macros
  • Adding buttons to run macros

Cost: £260 +VAT per person

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Excellent course and trainer. Yes, I would recommend the course. Susan is great and makes the whole day engaging. It is also a good balance and watching her go through examples and practising methods yourself. Overall a great course. I was familiar with content covered in the morning but was able to learn some useful skills/techniques in the afternoon. The low ratio of 4 attendees to one instructor made sure everyone got help when they needed it. Learning about macros was most useful.

Chris, Willis Towers Watson

Excellent Trainer, good course, provided good methods to control and manipulate data, 2hr sessions is a good method to provide training course offering better information segments. Most useful was the advanced functions VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP, also date manipulation.

Ian, Tokyo Electron

Excellent Course and trainer. At my Job we need to analyse data and excel is the software for that. The class was very good, I learnt a lot and also will use it at work. The trainer didn’t leave any trainee to be lost, he helped and redid examples until every one understand – well done!

Daniel, Tokyo Electron

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