After completing an internal review of their communication systems, The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recognised a need to have one single, unified communication system for all of its collaboration requirements. This included a system that would enable both external and internal calls, conference calls, and chat functionality across the organisation.

CAA chose Skype for their needs, as it was a collaboration tool that was already being used across the organisation. However, as the tool would now be used in a different way to before, CAA sought additional support in rolling out the system, and delivering user-focused training to ensure best practice across the workforce.

The organisation was extremely keen to deliver high-quality training to its workforce, but didn’t have any expertise or resource available in-house. As a result, they elected to collaborate with an external training partner, and having already worked with Underscore on its recent SharePoint Online training, decided to engage the team once again to deliver the required Skype training.