Adobe Acrobat

Duration: 1 day

This Adobe Acrobat course looks at the powerful features of the tool quite often overlooked. Learn how to combine documents into a single file, edit and mark up PDFs, compare documents, redact data from documents and create fillable forms.

By the end of the course you will be able to be:

  • Create PDFs from other tools
  • Set security
  • Collate and combine files into a single PDF
  • Edit PDF files
  • Complete and sign documents
  • Create fillable forms
  • Mark up PDF documents
  • Compare files
  • Redact data
  • Building PDF documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Setting PDF options for print, image quality, and security
  • Home, Tools, and Document Views
  • Using the Navigation Panel and Pane
  • Floating toolbar and Contextual menus
  • Combining multiple files into a single PDF
  • Adding extra files
  • Deleting pages and reorganising pages
  • Editing text and graphics
  • Adding text and images
  • Adding headers and footers, watermarks, and backgrounds
  • Adding manual links
  • Automatic links
  • Using fill and sign to complete forms
  • Adding signatures
  • Prepare a form
  • Autodetect fillable forms
  • Add manual fillable forms
  • Adding dropdowns, check boxes etc.
  • Naming fields
  • Setting field properties
  • Previewing the form
  • Marking up changes
  • Using sticky notes
  • Using the highlighter pen
  • Adding stamps
  • Attaching documents and audio
  • Replying to comments
  • Selecting settings
  • Comparison report
  • Reviewing differences
  • Using the changes pane
  • Setting redaction properties
  • Redacting chosen text
  • Searching and redacting words, phrases or patterns
  • Redacting whole pages
  • Applying redaction

Excellent Course and Trainer, I have learned a lot about this software, which is very powerful, compared to what I used to do with it before. As usual, Susan is very clear with explanations, she really knows her subject, and she is always trying to find out answer of our questions when she does not know. Session timing is also perfectly respected, and I think it was a good idea to split it within 3 sessions of 2 hours each, giving us time to practice in between.

Thomas, Tokyo Electron

Good overview/introduction if you have less experience. Training course is good to do online. Everything could be covered by remote training.

Uwe, Tokyo Electron

Showed up some useful and so far unused (or unknown) items within the apps.

Darren, Tokyo Electron

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