Leading transformation programmes is tough, executive sponsors are demanding, stakeholders require constant attention, risks have a habit of appearing from nowhere, and there’s always resistance to change.

Facing into all this becomes immeasurably easier when you’ve got the best people on your team. Which is precisely what Underscore Project Resourcing brings, the best people for your team.

A new way of resourcing Workday projects

Underscore’s founding Directors have been leading transformation programmes since 2006 and Workday projects since 2013. We’ve also held operational accountability for Workday in production. In this time the demand for Workday talent has consistently outstripped supply. Which is why we built a proactive resourcing practice in 2016 to identify and assess the best Workday programme, project and support talent in the market and create a virtual bench of associates aligned to the capability matrix below.

Transformation Capability Matrix

In building the Capability Matrix, our founding Directors, Jason West and Joe Ales, have personally interviewed hundreds of Workday practitioners. So you can rest assured that our associates have been thoroughly vetted by experienced Programme Directors with the experience to assess their capability.

Underscore has taken a strategic decision to maintain a total capacity to deliver two transformation programmes simultaneously. What this means is we can now open up our virtual bench of trusted Workday associates to a select few clients. You get all the advantages of a ready made pool of pre-screened, specialist resources without the associated time and cost to build and maintain it. You simply pay for the resources you need, as and when you use them.

What makes Underscore’s associates different?

Project Managers

focused on delivering on time, on budget and to specification

Project Managers

vetted by UNDERSCORE deliver on time, on budget and to specification, they also get the best from functional subject matter experts seconded onto the project and focus on delivering the outcomes and benefits that will make your programme a success.

Functional Consultants

who can configure business processes and security to a given specification

Functional Consultants

vetted by UNDERSCORE understand what the client is trying to achieve, then design and build a fully documented solution that delivers a great user experience, accurate data & reporting, minimal integration errors, and limited calls into shared services in operation.

Test Managers

ensure Workday processes, integrations and security meet requirements

Test Managers

vetted by UNDERSCORE ensure end-to-end processes meet requirements across Workday, upstream, downstream and manual systems. They support and coach process owners through test strategies that go beyond simple system testing, ensuring operational readiness and exceptional user experience.

Click here to learn more about how you can use the Underscore Transformation Capability Matrix to identify, assess and fill capability gaps in your programme before they become issues.

Alternatively, if you have an urgent Workday vacancy that you need to fill, please contact us by email or simply give us a call on 0203 8653271 to discuss how we can start helping you resource your programme today.