The world around us has changed dramatically in a short period of time. In April 2020 half the planet’s human population was in lock down and we all faced challenges that we never imagined at the start of this year. Uncertainty is everywhere and the road ahead of us is volatile and full of risk.

We have all been heavily focused on protecting our physical health, but now it’s time to turn to our mental health and improve our resourcefulness to survive the road ahead. Mental Health and Mental Toughness are critical if we are to survive the current crisis and rebuild the global economy.

But what is Mental Toughness? How can we develop our mindset and skillset to make us stronger, more capable of dealing with uncertainty and help those around us survive? The answer to this and more can be found in our Mental Toughness Programme.

Mental Toughness Programme

I would recommend the session. It would assist mental health first aiders particularly to expand their knowledge and understanding further. A very informative session. I found the four C’s very interesting and how this applies to mental wellbeing. The tutor delivered the session extremely well. I am impressed with Slido app. This was the first time I have been in an online session so was worried about setting laptop audio and camera OK. I found linking what is learnt with day to day situations the most useful. So like at the moment COVID 19. I would recommend a virtual session, ease of getting people together. Some people feel comfortable in their own surroundings. Excellent. Thank you for signing me at the last minute. It is appreciated and the links to join were sent over to me swiftly.

Deborah, South Western Railway - Introduction to Mental Toughness

Excellent session and trainer. Yes, I would recommend the session, friendly, open way of learning with Lucy being a fantastic reassuring trainer. It was comfortable and the content was extremely interesting. Lots of visual aids to support discussion and all worked very well virtually. I found the mixture of discussion and academic slides the most useful. I would recommend virtual learning, as it is as interactive as you wish to make it. No problems with administration and when I had technical problems Susan Howard was extremely helpful with getting me set up.

Laura, Marshall - Mental Toughness and Fatigue

Yes, I would recommend the session, my organisation has a team of Mental Heath First Aider’s thirsty for information and to build their knowledge. Relaxed and informative. I found the Mental Toughness Model the most useful.

Glen, South Western Railway - Introduction to Mental Toughness

Excellent session and trainer, I would recommend it. Good content and well paced. Varied content and informative. Can’t think of any improvements. Found the participation via questions & comments and Slido really helpful to feel it was an interactive session with other participants. I would recommend a virtual training session. Course admin was efficient, personable and very easy to use.

Clare, APM - Introduction to Mental Toughness

Excellent session and trainer. Definitely great to hear. Would recommend to others. Lucy is a great, engaging trainer.

Flora, South Western Railway - Mental Toughness - Mindset and Managing Emotions

Excellent session and trainer. Absolutely I would recommend it and have just done exactly that so I am hoping my employees will take the offer up. I feel that all the training so far has been a benefit to me and given me new ideas and concepts. A virtual session is perfect and fits in with my workload without having too much of an impact. Cannot thank Susan Howard enough she has been amazing in supporting our training needs and co-ordinating these.

Jacqui, Tokyo Electron - Mental Toughness and Fatigue

I certainly would recommend the session. I am liking the delivery. I particularly like the interactive side of it. I found explaining different types of behaviour and emotions shown for the four c’s the most useful. Yes I would recommend a virtual session for ease. Excellent administration

Deborah, South Western Railway - Mental Toughness - Mindset and Managing Emotions

Excellent sessions and trainer, I would recommend it, lots of good tips and a good mix of theory and practical application. Covered the key topics on the subject. Discussion welcomed Nice, inclusive, supportive environment. Good content on slides. Wide range of recommended source info to learn further Was good to hear what other’s thought as well instead of a passive attendance to a webinar. Made it more lively and engaging. Felt the virtual session delivered as much value as a face-to-face.

Clare, APM - Mental Toughness Programme

I really liked the first session and today has also been really good. I had advertised this on our Yammer, and was pleased to see a handful of people take up the offer to do the course. Today’s session would have been ideal for a few people that I work with, as it would have given them more insight into themselves. Both sessions were really good. The first session was good as I already had and have an understanding of mental toughness, however, I really like how it was broken down and explained very well. Today’s session was interesting around the ‘encouraging accountability mindset’ and I really liked the triangle. Lucy suggested to think of this when watching a drama on TV or reading a book, and I can see how that makes sense when applying this model. I would recommend a virtual session although I think we are all more reserved as opposed to if we were in a face-to-face workshop.

Lynda, South Western Railway - Mental Toughness - Introduction and Mindset and Managing Emotions

I would recommend the session, a fantastic blend of theory and practice. Lucy clearly brings a wealth of experience and talks in a open and knowledgeable manner. Fantastic delivery, speed, pace and content on this virtual session.

Philippa, Atkins - Mental Toughness - Mindset and Managing Emotions

Yes, I definitely would recommend the sessions as it is such an important topic that we all need to learn more about both for ourselves to improve but also to guide and help those less mentally tough than us. The two sessions so far have been great and interactive. Filled with lots of information/models but presented simply so that we can retain them. I am very much looking forward to the remaining sessions. I would recommend virtual training, it is the way the world needs to move and the current situation is forcing all of us to get used to it. All excellent.

Adeline, Mental Toughness - Introduction and Mindset and Managing Emotions

I certainly would recommend the sessions. I am enjoying them. A lot of content today hit home for me. It was useful to reflect after on myself and how I could overcome situations with ease. It was interesting how risk is dealt with by individuals and the behaviours and emotions that they may display. I did like the fight or flight aspect. How to deal with risk and how this can affect our decision making. Yes I would recommend a virtual training session, ease of accessibility. Excellent

Deborah, South Western Railway - Mental Toughness - Decision Making Under Stress

Excellent sessions and trainer, would definitely recommend it. Full of content, brilliant instructor, very professional, great relevant slides. I loved the session and the previous ones. The content was very topical and easy to follow and understand. Calming, relaxing Instructor which helps with delivery of information. I would recommend virtual training, as sometimes it is more relaxing rather than being in an unfamiliar classroom environment. Course administration was very smooth, links all great, help and support with IT issues excellent.

Laura, Marshall - Mental Toughness: A Brave New World - Survival Skills

Excellent session and trainer, easy to learn with Lucy’s style and leaves you wanting to learn more. Yet again, lots of info, complimented with Lucy’s knowledge and experience. I found the Climate model Pull/Push behaviours Emotional Quadrant the most useful. I would recommend virtual sessions, learning from the comfort of your own home or during your lunch break.

Glen, South Western Railway - Mental Toughness and Fatigue

Excellent, I would recommend it and we have scheduled training sessions for all our employees. Great session very informative and I liked the interactive part of doing some exercises. The virtual sessions were perfect and fits with workload. Can’t thank Susan enough for supporting the administration of our training requirements.

Jacqui, Tokyo Electron - Mental Toughness: A Brave New World - Survival Skills

Excellent course and facilitator, I certainly would recommend it. It is very interesting and has been extremely beneficial to myself. I really enjoyed today’s session. It is good to identify where I am positioned within the models that were shown during the session and how I can alter these accordingly. I like the models used. Slido was used too. It is good to see what others think and see themselves as. I would recommend virtual learning for convenience. As always administration was excellent.

Deborah, South Western Railway - Mental Toughness and Fatigue

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Each of the 5 x Mental Toughness Sessions is 60 minutes long. Each session will cover a specific topic (please see ‘Contents’ in the course details box above), the sessions are interactive and questions are encouraged.

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