Excellent course and trainer, I would recommend it. I found the course very engaging as well as very informative. I acquired several tips that I will put into practice in the workplace and my personal life. I enjoy the different exercises to break the day up, it kept me engaged throughout the whole session. What I found most useful were the different tactics used and explained. This way if one technique didn’t work for me personally, several other options were explored.

Willis Towers Watson logoSophie, Willis Towers Watson

Yes I would recommend the course – it helps with awareness of techniques and scenarios where assertiveness is useful. Good overall.

Willis Towers Watson logoDaniel, Willis Towers Watson

I would recommend the course, it has had an impact on my relationships at work. Delivery of the training was excellent and very interactive.

Willis Towers Watson logoSakyi, Willis Towers Watson

I would recommend the course, very helpful and provides a good in depth knowledge of types of ways to be influencing and assertive. Well ran and interactive, the interactive nature was useful.

Willis Towers Watson logoTim, Willis Towers Watson

I would recommend the course, increases awareness of issues and useful techniques.

Willis Towers Watson logoRobin, Willis Towers Watson

Colin was very engaging with the group; encouraging interactions; role playing and challenging views on how to react / relate to uncomfortable situations. The course covered the majority of areas on where assertiveness and influencing skills would come into play; whether it be in the work place or in day to day life. It was very informative, encouraging and confidence building. I certainly came away with useful tips and a much more developed self awareness (self-esteem) and a positive outlook on how to handle uncomfortable situations in the future. Everything went smoothly; venue, scheduling; training – all worked perfectly well.

Willis Towers Watson logoMarie, Willis Towers Watson