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In the space of a few short weeks, life across the globe has changed beyond recognition. Over a quarter of the planet’s population is in lockdown, health care professionals on every continent are treating thousands of people with complications from COVID 19, and tens of thousands of people have already tragically lost their lives.

The pressures put on businesses and governments have raised stark questions about technology, supply chains, staffing, leadership, sustainability, skills and resilience. Now, more than ever, business leaders need to solve complex, novel problems at pace in a volatile, uncertain world.

In this environment, crisis management skills are not just at a premium, but are essential. The Crisis Management & Recovery Toolkit and supporting leadership development programme provides you with practical tools, training and advice so you can help your organisation survive, recover and rebuild.

CMR Leadership Programme Details

Duration: Blended learning over 2 weeks

At the heart of the CMR Leadership Programme is a blended learning programme designed to equip delegates with the Mindset, Skillset and Toolset to survive a crisis, recover and rebuild for a new future.

The programme is a mix 6 x 90 minute interactive webinars, online crisis management skills assessment, practical tools and a Community of Practice for ongoing learning.

Applying the tools and techniques from this course will enable the following outcomes:

  • Better, faster decision making based on a structured flow of information and a shared understanding of the evolving situation
  • More Resilient Remote Teams by applying practical crisis leadership techniques for leading remote teams in high stress situations
  • Teams that solve problems at pace through C4 Crisis Management techniques (Command, Control, Communication and Coordination)
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Optimised use of scarce resources
  • And a faster, more assured road to recovery

There are 3 core components to this programme.  These components and their objectives are:

  • The DNA of Crisis Management. Be able to apply the tools, templates, checklists, and core concepts of the CMR Toolkit to conduct structured intelligence gathering, make critical decisions under stress and manage chaotic scenarios
  • Crisis Leadership. Deepen your knowledge and skills on the 4 Dimensions of Mental Toughness – Confidence, Control, Commitment and Challenge.  Find your unique crisis leadership style and learn how to create the right climate for success within your team and organisation
  • Teaming in a Crisis. Be able to establish crisis management teams underpinned by Trust, mental toughness and creative problem-solving capability
  • Introduction to the Crisis Management and Recovery Programme
  • Introduction to ‘DNA of Crisis Management’ Framework
  • Overview of Critical Success Factors e.g. Establishing a Common Operating Picture
  • Introduction to the OODA Loop for Crisis Management
  • Overview of Mental Toughness
  • Explore Leadership Styles for Complex and Chaotic Scenarios
  • Explore how Personality Preferences affect behaviour under stress
  • Identify your own personal leadership style, strengths and areas for development
  • Teaming in a Crisis
  • Team Thinking Skills to overcome conflict
  • Leading virtual Teams from crisis and chaos to recovery and performance
  • The 10 Criteria of Trust
  • Working together – aligning work activity and cultural values
  • Appreciative Inquiry Tools and Techniques
  • Trust tools – Team & Communication Charter
  • Creative Problem Solving Tools and Techniques
  • Aligning thinking to crack wicked problems
  • Managing business uncertainty & risk
  • Engaging hearts and minds
  • Visualisation Tools for Business Redesign
  • Establishing vision and objectives for the future
  • Building sustainable capability to deliver change
  • Target Operating Model Design – Best Practice
  • Crisis Management Templates
  • CMR Self Assessment
  • Cynefin Framework
  • Curated Content (articles, blogs, videos, books etc.)
  • CMR Community Forum

The CMR Leadership Programme for individuals is £299 + VAT per person

To book your place on the CMR Leadership Programme please click here to see dates and to book

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a bespoke course for your team or organisation, please email
and one of our team will be able to assist.


Participants can join our virtual training sessions from wherever they are based, all they need is access to a computer and the internet. The sessions will be run via Microsoft Teams, but you don’t need to have Teams on your machine – we will send you a link to the web application if needed.

Once you’ve joined the meeting your facilitator will briefly introduce themselves and the topic being covered. They will then explain the topic in more detail, conduct virtual exercises to embed learning and facilitate discussion to improve knowledge. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to ask questions throughout the session.

You will need a laptop and internet access (and a quiet place to sit).  Please also download the ‘Slido’ App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store onto your phone.  Slido will be used during sessions for Q&A and exercises.  At the start of a session you will be given a code to enter to use the Slido App within the session.  Your facilitator will provide all of the exercises on the day, and where available a digital copy of core models and references explained in each session will be provided.

Each of the 6 x Crisis Management & Recovery Webinar Sessions is 90 minutes long.  The programme of 6 webinars will be delivered over a two week period.  You will need to complete all the webinars to fully understand the CMR Leadership Model and Toolkit.  However, the webinars will be stand alone so if you miss one, you can join a following cohort to complete that module.

Each session will cover a specific topic (please see ‘Contents’ in the course details box above), the sessions are interactive and questions are encouraged.

The Crisis Management & Recovery Leadership Programme is £299 per person for 6 x virtual webinar sessions plus supporting tools and independent study materials.

All prices are subject to UK VAT

To book your place on the CMR Leadership Programme, please click here to see dates and to book. Our booking team will get back to you to confirm your place and give you full details.

We can also run these sessions for groups of your staff at dates and times to suit you. If you would like to discuss a bespoke CMR Programme for your team or organisation, please email and one of our senior consultants will be happy to help.

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