VBA in Excel Part 1

Duration: 2 days

Our VBA in Excel course is an introduction to using the Visual Basic for Applications language for programming in Excel. It looks at structures, syntax and coding standards.

This course is designed for existing experienced users of Excel who can record and run macros and those who have dabbled in VBA but would like some formal training and help to put some structure to their code.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Write visual basic procedures
  • Create event and general procedures
  • Use commands from the Excel data model
  • Use statements and functions
  • Use a selection of debugging tools
  • Create and use variables and constants
  • Use different types of loops
  • Create an Excel user form
  • Project explorer
  • Excel objects
  • Modules
  • Properties window
  • Code window
  • Code structure
  • Navigating within your code
  • Adding comments
  • Using WITH
  • Steps to creating a VBA procedure
  • Sub procedures
  • Event procedures
  • Calling procedures
  • Workbook commands
  • Worksheet commands
  • Excel selection methods
  • Data manipulation commands
  • Events and methods
  • Statements and functions
  • Input boxes
  • Message boxes
  • Using breakpoints
  • Stepping through code
  • The immediate window
  • The watch window
  • The locals window points
  • Declaring variables
  • Declaring multiple variables
  • Variable data types
  • Concatenation
  • Scope of variables
  • Constants
  • Declaring constants
  • Using constants
  • Scope of constants
  • Do while loops
  • Do until loops
  • For next loops
  • IF statement
  • SELECT CASE statement
  • Comparison statements
  • Logical operators
  • Form layout
  • The control toolbox
  • Naming conventions
  • Adding objects
  • Naming objects
  • Captions
  • Displaying the form
  • Object properties
  • Setting properties at design time
  • Setting properties at run time
  • Comparing values
  • Transferring information
  • Running code

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course as it is very thorough and covers some real life applications for using VBA. Susan has a great approach to training. Module was clear and concise. Will be waiting for details on part 2 of the course. I found one of the most useful aspects of the course was the ability to ask the trainer (Susan Howard) about real world applications of VBA and she would show us how this can be achieved.

B&CE logoPaul, B&CE

Excellent course and trainer. I would definitely recommend the course – a great session to develop the basic tools and concepts for VBA. As a person who hasn’t had any prior experience using VBA I thought it was very useful and I learnt a lot. There was a good mix of theoretical concepts and application of them. The exercises were especially useful and are probably the best way to develop and improve/understand the language

B&CE logoOmeid, B&CE

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend Susan on her delivery. Susan is a really knowledgeable and focusses on the customer needs in order to meet the desired outcome. All that have attend are already diving in to use what they have learnt so far. What I found most useful was the ability to try things out and put what you have learnt in to practise and the freedom to experiment in different ways in order to obtain the same solution.

Thales logoJo, Thales UK

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, really good intro to VBA.

Willis Towers Watson logoCatherine, Willis Towers Watson

Yes I would recommend the course, it is done in a way that is easy for people to pick up with no prior experience and uses each stage as a building block. The later stages showed processes that could definitely be used in the workplace. The trainer was great, made it enjoyable and she was very helpful.

Willis Towers Watson logoDaniel, Willis Towers Watson

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