Duration: 4 hours

OneNote is a digital notebook and can be a great way to easily take notes. Whether for meetings, on training courses or to help with to do lists. It works very much like it’s paper copy equivalent but, of course, with lots of enhanced features.

Its integration with Outlook and the other office applications means you can easily take notes and link them to documents meeting details and then email them out. You can even add audio and video notes as reminders.

By the end of the course you will be able to be:

  • Create and manage notebooks
  • Add contents
  • Tag and prioritise content
  • Create notes from other applications
  • Create To Do Lists and integrate into Outlook
  • Creating notebooks
  • Creating sections and pages
  • Formatting pages
  • Using page templates
  • Creating page templates
  • Reordering sections and pages
  • Deleting sections and pages
  • Adding text
  • Bullet lists
  • Adding tables
  • Adding images
  • Adding images
  • Adding drawings
  • Adding links
  • Adding audio and video notes
  • Tagging
  • Creating custom tags
  • Creating to-do lists
  • Searching and filtering for tags
  • Creating quick notes
  • Filtering them in OneNote notebooks
  • Linked notes
  • Linking to tasks in Outlook
  • Flagging notes for follow up
  • Inserting Outlook meeting content
  • Taking minutes
  • Emailing OneNote pages
  • Send emails to OneNote
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