Speaking With Impact

Duration: 2 days

This highly practical course is for those new to public speaking and those who have some experience but wish to refine their skills and learn new techniques to enhance their success.

The course provides multiple opportunities to practice speaking in public and provides a rare opportunity to get constructive feedback from both the course facilitator and the group.

Participants are required to prepare a 15 minute talk. This can be something you have delivered before or something you’ve created for the course. Please include and prepare any visual aids you would usually use when speaking and bring them with you.

If possible, please also bring your smart phone (with camera) with memory capacity for a short video clip to be added, and headphones.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Set clear aims and objectives when you are speaking
  • Use techniques to speak with impact
  • Work with a microphone
  • Create the right visual aids to enhance your presentation
  • Effectively prepare
  • What are we aiming for when speaking; what impression do we want to give?
  • Delivery of individual talks and feedback to gain insight into current delivery style and its effectiveness
  • The 3Vs of communication
  • Techniques on how to use your Vocal, Visual and Verbal communication for maximum impact and engagement
  • Working with a microphone
  • Using Visual Aids to enhance your talk
  • Reflection on personal strengths and areas to develop
  • Opportunities to deliver short talks throughout the session, both with and without preparation
  • The six questions to answer for effective preparation
  • How to set SMART objectives
  • Using the 4Mats system for creating your content
  • Storytelling – structuring your talks
  • Using notes when speaking
  • Managing time
  • Tailoring talks to your audience for maximum engagement, interest and impact
  • Dealing with difficult audiences
  • Managing questions
  • Managing nerves
  • Start, Stop and Continue actions to take back to the workplace
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