Public Speaking For Business Professionals

Duration: 1 day

This is one day programme for business professionals who want to develop skills, confidence and practice in public speaking. The course is practical and participatory, drawing upon techniques and insights from a variety of key practitioners, including actors, theatre directors, speech-writers and famous orators past and present.

The underpinning themes that inform this programme are: clarity, engagement and impact.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create your unique speaker brand
  • Develop clear messages for your audience
  • Adapt your message to the size of the group
  • Develop your delivery skills to speak with impact
  • Apply techniques to handle difficult questions
  • What you want to say
  • Why you want to say it
  • Who you are saying it to
  • What you want them to ‘get’ from it
  • How to set about saying it
  • Understanding the context in which a speech occurs
  • How to adjust your delivery to suit the size and nature of the ‘room’ you are speaking in
  • Tools and techniques
  • Using actor training/rehearsal methods
  • Allowing speakers to maximize impact
  • Enhancing clarity
  • Fully engaging your audience
  • Managing Q&A
  • Keeping control while remaining flexible
  • Having a clear process to follow

The process of becoming a public speaker is about finding the speaker in you. No two public speakers are exactly alike and the most distinctive engage, in large part, because they are authentically themselves.

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