Effective Performance Development Conversations

Duration: 1 days

Successful organisations are built on the high performance of their employees.  If this is to be sustained, it is important that employees have rich conversations with their line managers about their continuing professional development.  These discussions happen both formally and informally and it often takes time for employees to understand how best to develop their skills to support the achievement of business objectives.

If an employee development conversation is going to be successful, the employee must understand how to identify their development needs and how to have an effective conversation with their manager to understand how these skills can be developed.

This short course will provide guidance on effective development conversations and plenty of hints, tips and useful tools to ensure that delegates attending can have more meaningful Performance Development Review conversations with their managers

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognise your personal strengths and development areas for your job role
  • Identify your development needs for your current role
  • Recognise the potential longer-term areas for development to support career discussions
  • Plan and conduct a meaningful performance development discussion with your line manager
  • Set SMART Objectives to link your development goals to
  • How to identify Development Needs
  • Diagnosing your strengths and development areas
  • How to link development needs to business goals
  • How to plan your development goals
  • Building a business case for your development ideas
  • Training
  • Workplace learning
  • Distance Learning
  • Virtual Learning
  • The challenges of alternative learning methods
  • Pre-framing the discussion
  • Top tips for rich conversations
  • Top skills for development discussions
  • Identifying big dreams
  • Career Planning
  • Short, medium- and longer-term goals
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