Introduction to People Management

Duration: 2 days

This workshop is suitable for those who have recently started their first direct line management role. This is a practical workshop and focusses on understanding the role of a people manager in managing workloads amongst the team, the individuals within their team and getting the best out of the team.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • State the key roles and responsibilities of a people manager
  • Use your time effectively to plan and prioritise your own and the work of others for expedient results
  • Set objectives that engage those reporting to you
  • Delegate tasks effectively that motivate the individuals you delegate to
  • Appreciate how to deal with both good and under-performance
  • Adopt the most appropriate leadership style
  • Manage the team through its natural development and through times of change
  • Add value to meetings you attend and chair
  • Understanding your roles and responsibilities for people management
  • Management vs Leadership
  • Action Centred Leadership
  • How to prioritise the management of tasks, the individuals and the team
  • Objective setting – how to set objectives and how to engage individuals in their objectives
  • Practical application on prioritisation and objective setting
  • Delegating tasks and work effectively
  • Understanding motivation and how best to motivate individuals
  • Managing performance – the Skill/Will matrix
  • How to manage good performers
  • Dealing with under-performance
  • Goleman’s 6 Leadership styles
  • Choosing the appropriate leadership style for the right person and situation
  • Understanding team roles and dynamics
  • How to manage the team as it develops
  • Team learning and development
  • Managing teams through times of change
  • Tips and techniques for focused meetings
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