Intercultural Management

Duration: 1 day

This workshop is designed for those who deal on a regular basis with fellow employees, suppliers or customers from different cultural backgrounds. The workshop will focus on understanding why cultural differences exist, what you can do to understand and respect these differences and then implement strategies to build effective intercultural relationships.

The one day session will use professional actors in the afternoon so that you can practice real-life situations involving intercultural challenges.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand what makes us different from people from other cultures
  • Appreciate why we form impressions of other cultures
  • Use strategies to communicate effectively with those from different cultural backgrounds
  • Build trust with those we work with from a different cultural background
  • What challenges do you face with dealing with people from different cultures?
  • Why do these challenges exist?
  • What is culture?
  • Trompenaars’ Model of Culture – what determines our understanding of different cultures
  • Hall and Hall:
    • Three Systems of Time
    • The Importance of Context – Data vs Dialogue
  • Hofstede – 6 Cultural Dimensions
  • Trompenaars – 7 Cultural Dimensions
  • Chart your intercultural business relationships against these dimensions
  • Trompenaar’s 3 step approach – Recognise, Respect, Reconcile
  • How to foster and maintain trust
  • Effective intercultural communication strategies

Professional actors will work with you in small groups in the afternoon to practice real-life situations involving intercultural challenges.

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