Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Duration: 1 day

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace will help you develop an understanding of why diversity and inclusion is important to a business, what it is and how individuals and teams can work effectively together and harness the power that comes from valuing diversity and promoting inclusion.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe why diversity and inclusion is important in teams and organisations
  • Explain and overcome unconscious bias and other beliefs that cause exclusion and impact the workplace
  • Recognise your own diversity and understand the value of diversity and inclusion in teams
  • Develop an Action Plan to create an inclusive work climate
  • What the Equality Act 2010 says about diversity
  • Understanding protected characteristics
  • Learn how to create an optimum climate to unlock the power of a diverse teams
  • Identify your own unique characteristics and how these could impact your performance
  • Examine self-limiting beliefs and how these can impact personal performance
  • Experience how unconscious bias impacts our information gathering, problem solving, judgement and decision making
  • Understand the importance of respect, the role of trust and what valuing diversity really means
  • Apply the ABC Model to the creation of a diverse climate:
    • Awareness – be alert, self-aware and aware of others
    • Boundaries – understand how things can go wrong when working with others: boundaries, banter and bullying
    • Coaching – learn listening and coaching skills to promote inclusion
  • Create an achievable, personal action plan that can be applied immediately in the workplace to improve diversity, promote teaming and create an inclusive work climate

Excellent course and trainer. Course contained really useful information which I believe managers would find of help in their day to day roles and managing their teams. Great course covering the aspects and pitfalls of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, good examples and exercises.

Tokyo Electron logoKathy, Tokyo Electron Europe Ltd.

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