Building Cohesive Teams

Duration: 1 days

Any given team climate is the product of the people who make up the team.  Sometimes it works well, sometimes it does not.  The outcome of a High Performing Team is clearly visible from the positive results that it gets.  A dysfunctional team may also get results, but they are often slower, of a poor quality and the process getting there can be painful.  This painful process can be the result of an overly competitive work climate, lack of self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence, bullying, exclusion and a threatening atmosphere in the team.

Knowing how to work in teams, how to create a climate for success and possessing effective teaming skills are all important if a team is to be successful.

This course will help delegates become more self-aware and understand their impact on teams, it will develop their Teaming Skills and also enables teams to understand their collective blind spots and weaknesses.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the personal value they bring to the team
  • Recognise their Teaming Style
  • Explain the value of diversity in a team and it’s important to creativity
  • Recognise and be able to diagnose dysfunctional teams
  • Develop conflict handling skills
  • Create psychologically safe teams
  • Identify the team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop strategies to become a High Performing Team
  • The importance of teamwork
  • The ‘third dimension’ – how working together has the potential to achieve more
  • The dangers of an overly competitive workplace culture
  • Psychological Safety
  • Stages and pitfalls in Team Development
  • Personal Teaming Styles
  • Collaborative Preferences
  • Impact of personality preference on others
  • How to adapt your style
  • Receive a Team Profile and interpret:
    • Team Strengths
    • Teams Adaptations causing dysfunctions
    • Team Resilience and stress points
  • The unique challenge of Technical Teams
  • The strengths and potential pitfalls of technical workers
  • The three pillars of a Teaming Culture
  • Too much Team Harmony can kill creativity
  • 8 Ways to build collaborative Teams
  • Cracking the code of Teams
  • The Secrets of Great Teamwork
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