Negotiation skills

Duration: 1 day

This course is designed for those who need to understand and be able to use essential negotiation skills to make them more effective in their role.

Externally you maybe negotiating with suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities and other organisations. Internally you will be negotiating with stakeholders, colleagues, and team members which could be for resources, time, budget or facilities. Being able to negotiate agreements that are acceptable to all parties requires skill and is essential to maintain healthy, functional relationships.

This will be a facilitated workshop designed to be flexible to achieve the desired outcome. We will achieve the objectives through a mixture of facilitated discussion, interactive exercises designed to give insight and facilitator input.

During the day we will deal with the stages of a negotiation from preparation to closing. Individuals will get the opportunity to practice the skills needed to create win-win outcomes through a number of generic but realistic scenarios.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • State the principles of effective negotiation
  • Prepare effectively for different types of negotiation
  • Set negotiation objectives and identify what can be ‘traded’
  • Explain how assertiveness and influencing skills can affect outcomes
  • Deploy appropriate strategies and tactics to achieve the best results
  • Use different techniques to deal with difficult customers and difficult situations
  • Seek first to understand, and then be understood
  • The importance of understanding the other party’s position and how to do it
  • The power of non-verbal communication
  • Dealing with difficult customers and difficult situations whilst maintaining a positive relationship
  • Identifying potential negotiations and preparing for potential outcomes
  • Aiming for results which deliver win/win outcomes
  • Developing a win/win mindset and behaviours
  • Rights and responsibilities of negotiators
  • Clarifying essential, desirable and ideal objectives
  • Assessing the most favoured, realistic target and walk away positions
  • The importance of preparation
  • Creating an opening proposal
  • Where to pitch the opening proposal
  • Knowing your parameters – what can be traded?
  • Choosing a strategy and tactics
  • Dealing with questionable tactics and ploys
  • Building rapport – the communication process
  • Asking the right questions and active listening
  • Being assertive, demanding your rights and ensuring you meet your responsibilities
  • Trial and actual closing techniques
  • Signalling
  • Summarising and documenting the agreement
  • Follow up and implementation of the deal
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