I would recommend the course, very helpful and provides a good in depth knowledge of types of ways to be influencing and assertive. Well ran and interactive, the interactive nature was useful.

I would recommend the course, theory taught in an intuitive way with good examples to back it up. Really enjoyed the session. It was taught very well and followed on from where Excel 2 left off. The shortcuts and examples were very good.

I would recommend the course, very down to earth trainer who helped make the course relevant and useful for our job roles. We were quite an excitable group of graduates but she managed to keep us engaged. Really helpful, endless shortcuts I almost didn’t attend the session when reading the list of what was covered as I thought I already knew how to do them. I was surprised how much I could learn and how much I didn’t know.

It is a great way to understand all of the course principles and having a trainer and a support group on hand for the whole day is really helpful. The trainer was brilliant, there were so patient and understanding and also really positive about the group even when we doubted ourselves. The days were structured in a useful way that helped when we were trying to bring everything together at the end before the exams. It was a great way to learn everything, really relaxed generally but with a good pace that everyone could keep up with. In terms of the course, the most helpful thing was having the trainer available all the time to ask questions and to provide help, as well as working in the small group because it allowed all of us to interact well instead of being lost in a large number. The structure worked well for all of us.

Excellent course and trainer. I would recommend the course, I felt the course was very comprehensive. The trainer went a at good pace and due to number restrictions was able to provide 1:1 support and guidance as needed. I enjoyed how the trainer demonstrated a particular element and then we had a go. I found the course very helpful and I came away feeling confident that I could actually do some things in excel! I found the whole course to be very informative and the trainers approach was great.

Excellent course and trainer, I would recommend it. I found the course very engaging as well as very informative. I acquired several tips that I will put into practice in the workplace and my personal life. I enjoy the different exercises to break the day up, it kept me engaged throughout the whole session. What I found most useful were the different tactics used and explained. This way if one technique didn’t work for me personally, several other options were explored.

Excellent course and trainer, I would recommend it, very clear explanation, very friendly and competent teacher. I found understanding the master structure behind the slides one of the most useful elements.

Colin was very engaging with the group; encouraging interactions; role playing and challenging views on how to react / relate to uncomfortable situations. The course covered the majority of areas on where assertiveness and influencing skills would come into play; whether it be in the work place or in day to day life. It was very informative, encouraging and confidence building. I certainly came away with useful tips and a much more developed self awareness (self-esteem) and a positive outlook on how to handle uncomfortable situations in the future. Everything went smoothly; venue, scheduling; training – all worked perfectly well.

I would recommend the course, provided a lot of detail regarding different formulas and functions for everyday use. Lesson had a good balance of teaching and then practice exercises. Every lesson we had was followed by practice exercises which really helped us put the formulas and functions into practice.

I would recommend the course, it has had an impact on my relationships at work. Delivery of the training was excellent and very interactive.

Excellent course and trainer, I would recommend the course as Lisa always adds beyond the course, by teaching you many shortcuts which will save so much time at work!

Yes, I would recommend the course, Lisa was very clear in her explanations and very easy to talk to. The examples were easy to follow in order to understand how each function worked. Everything was done in a step by step process, so it was easy to follow and understand

I would recommend the course to others, it’s a perfect overview to project management and the tools required to get you started. It was engaging, I really enjoyed the interactivity of the course and it was useful to do the example ‘project’ to see how some of the planning tools are used in practice. I found the information on the different types of tracking logs you can use, and the programs behind them really useful. Lovely venue, I liked that the training sessions were small as you get more of a hands on approach.

I would definitely recommend the course. With the knowledge the course gives, the user would be able to use Excel with greater efficiency. Excellent course.
Excellent course and trainer. Yes I would recommend it, this is a strong overview of Project Management. The day’s course was very well managed. Mike had total control of the day. For me as a total beginner to Project Management this gave a great in site to the terminology, time-lines, estimating and thinking outside the box

Very useful, even if you think you know it all, there will definitely be some shortcuts and tips that will save you hours of time in the long run. Fantastic session! Relaxed, enjoyable and informative. Learning plenty of useful shortcuts for the F keys

So helpful, learnt a lot, brilliant trainer. Ran well, good content and engaging. Really liked the practical aspects. Trainer is brilliant.